Executive Team
Rev. Dr. Arun Kumar Kanti Mohanty

Rev. Dr. Arun Kumar Kanti Mohanty is a retired State Bank officer who has committed his life to the upliftment of the less fortunate by heading a social service organization.

His dedication and hard work have been instrumental in supporting more than 200,000 beneficiaries each month, vis-à-vis health, education, child care, relief, etc.

His firm belief is that good education is key to success in life. A principle that has been instilled into the children that are supported by his N.G.O. His outlook on life and servitude have been an inspiration to our staff and students alike.

Rev. Dr. Arun Kumar Kanti Mohanty Visionary
Mrs. Serene Viveka Kanti Mohanty

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Serene Viveka Kanti Mohanty, holds a double Master’s in Education and Education Management. With more than a decade of experience in the field of education, her passion is to instill quality education in each student.

She has made the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, “The function of Education is to think intensively and critically,” the driving force behind the inception of Cedar Educational Institutions and ARKE.

Our C. E. O. greatly emphasizes Christian values and imparts them in conjunction with quality education to ensure wholistic learning. Education that is focused on S. T. E. A. M., to provide students with a wider range of opportunities and better absorption.

Mrs. Serene Viveka Kanti Mohanty Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O.) M.A., M.Ed., M.A. in Education Management
Mr. Sunith Cowman Tanety

Possessing invaluable and immense experience from various educational institutions, Mr. Sunith Cowman Tanety, our Director of Operations is passionate about quality education. His strategic planning and impeccable execution have been key to Cedar’s success.

A congenial persona, he believes that education is more than accumulation of information. It is the aligning one’s life in harmony with all other existence.

Mr. Tanety’s characteristics have really fortified our Organization in turning our visions into reality. The great value that he places on the lives of children, which extends beyond education, speaks volumes about his fervor.

Mr. Sunith Cowman Tanety Director of Operations