the Board
  • Mrs. Kezia

    Mrs. Kezia is an ardent social service enthusiast, with a firm belief that selfless service to humanity is a service to God. She is ever willing and ready to extend aid and assistance to those in need. She brings an extra dimension of sympathy and generosity to the Cedar Board.

  • Mrs. Persie Swaroopa

    Mrs. Swaroopa is a born leader and a perfectionist. She has, through many struggles, established a number of schools for children at various stages in life. She also is an invaluable part of the Cedar Board.

  • Dr. John Sulakshan

    Dr. Sulakshan is a medical doctor by profession. He was separated from his parents and hometown during his childhood years, in pursuit of a better education. Although he despised the arrangement as a child, he has come to understand that positive impact that it had made in his life. As a father, he too realizes and emphasizes the importance of education and being part of a good educational system.