OUR wholistic approach

Cedar Educational Institutions have been established with the sole purpose of enabling change, for the betterment of any individual who desires to learn!

Education is the need of the hour and our Institutions provide the impetus for children to develop their minds, so that they may be empowered to face any challenge that life may throw at them as they grow and mature. Ours is a wholistic approach which focuses on:

  • Student Achievement:

    Motivating and empowering young minds to be scholastically and athletically rooted so that they may possess the requisite skills in order to succeed beyond schooling.

  • People and Culture:

    Our efforts to leave a lasting impression focus, not only on the students, but in accommodating their families and all our employees concerned.

  • Community Collaboration:

    We also strive to and engage families, members of the community, and civic organisers as active partners.

  • Earth Initiation:

    In educating our students and reaching out to the community, we endeavour to cause global awareness toward the importance of conserving our environment and ultimately our planet.

As it was so succinctly and profoundly said by Leo Buscaglia that, “Change is the end result of all true learning,” so it is our conviction to provide education that is truly transformative. This is clearly reflected in our MISSION and VISION.

Mission: Our goal is to provide a secure learning environment with an amicable atmosphere that facilitates a sense of belonging among students. We ensure that we provide an inclusive environment that not only acknowledges but respects all children, regardless of culture or background.

Vision: Our vision is anchored in equipping young people with the requisite skills and knowledge, both emotionally, intellectually and physically, so that they may be a positive influence, not only as citizens of India, but also the world.